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Virtual Italian Academy - a virtual academic network to form progressive avenues of communication between Italian scientists, scholars and professionals in UK and Europe. The web and official name of the VIA is VIA-Academy.


VIA-Academy is a non profit organization based on the spirit of the 9th article of the Italian Constitution:

"La Repubblica promuove lo sviluppo della cultura e ricerca scientifica e tecnologica".

In particular, VIA-Academy fosters the development and dissemination of scientific research and technology innovation between Italians emigrated abroad.


A group of Italian academics and professionals (founding mother and founding father) commit their expertise and goodwill to:

1. promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge to the community of Italians living and working in North UK; 2. catalyze the exchange of information and collaborations between themselves and the the istitutions, agencies or companies which they represent; 3. facilitate the arrival and rapid integration of Italian students, academics and professionals in North UK; 4. mentor undergraduate and postgraduate students coming to UK from Italy or speaking Italian to enhance their academic performance and career prospects; 5. help improving the scientific profile and international standing of Italian institutions and agencies like CNR; 6. provide a reference model for academic and professional networks of Italians in Europe that can interface with Italian embassies and consulates; 7. embrace all areas of knowledge, scholarity and technology that may interest academic professionals as well as the community at large.

NOTA: L'obiettivo fondamentale è che la VIA esprima posizioni od opinioni autorevoli 'extra-partes' come estratto consensuale del network di accademici e professionisti che la formano, anche se i suoi membri individualmente possono avere posizioni diverse, anche allineate.

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